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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Yet more illdom

Oh my god, the past few days have been so DULL! I've been stuck at home with nothing to do, because I haven't felt well enough for Scholage, and mum has had to go into work every day so far this week. I've had the dogs at home to keep me company, and dad. But all they did ALL day (the three of them) was sleep. The entire time. So I watched Eastenders, and True Blood.....and.....talked to certain lucky someones on MSN. And my day went by.....how FUN does that sound to you? Wanna trade lives for a bit?

At the moment feeling a bit deflated. Like there are so many things circling in my mind I cannot talk about. I think the combination of dull weather, being ill and being stuck at home is what is doing it at the moment (but are they just bringing to the surface FASTER feelings that would have surfaced, if slower, anyway?)

I know my being ill is due to lack of sleep, and having such a poor immune system, but I literally cannot make myself sleep earlier! My brain just doesn't want to stop thinking about complete unimportant JUNK and it keeps me awake usually to about 2am or sometimes 1am if I'm lucky. Therefore, I am surviving at the moment on about  hours of sleep a night, which just isn't enough. In lessons, I struggle to stay awake, so being even the slightest bit ill just makes that ten times worse!

Anyway, enough moaning and groaning for now.

Do me a favour, and tell me (via comments) if you prefer this picture, or the one in the last post for the competition with theme 'the view out my school window'


Gabs x


  1. Aww, you know you can always talk to me about anything you want to :( *cuddles*
    Poor ill bean!

    Oh, and I prefer the picture in the other post :)

    AND, also, I LOVE YOUUUU!!!

  2. I prefer the one in the other post.

    Also, I hope you get better soon!! D:

    Lovage going your way! <3

    Love youuu x