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Friday, 4 February 2011


Finally back at college, and GOD am I glad to be back! Thought I might die of boredom.

Had a pretty good day today. Had double German first thing in the morning though, which is always a bit much, I mean... 2 hours on a Friday morning errrrrrrgh, but I survived it somehow (despite the presence of some random gay German music playing in the listening exercise.) Had Blodge after that with Mrs. Ellis (N) Mrs. Ellis, no offence to her, is so BORING. All we ever do is copy out what she has already written up in a powerpoint presentation, so we don't really learn anything! I don't see why we can't just listen in lessons, so we get it, and then get the powerpoint presentation printed so we still have the noted! ANYWAY. Today's Bio was actually amazing! All we did ALL lesson, was make animals out of marshmallow, then arrange them for pictures. I named mine Percy, and gave him a hat, and an agape mouth just to make him that bit more unique and cool (like he needs a hat to be cool!) XD We had to pair up 'chromosomes' at random to find the characteristics of our animals-to be, and then make them out of marshmallow, pipecleaner, tacs and cocktail sticks. Was very fun.

Had photography after that, went out with my friend Micol to the music rooms etc. to snap some pictures of....... her hand playing the piano, or whatever. Had lots of fun greatly annoying her taking pictures of her too. (Y)

Maths was......maths. Lol. Neither bad nor good really. But yeah, better than staying at home all day doing carrotpoop. Doing trig though. MAAAAJOR fail! I hate trig so much. Why has something so vital in a subject got to be so BLOODY BORING? -__-

On the way home Elliot bought me some sweets and junk food and I AM EATING IT ALLLLLL >D Makes me happy, and forget the boringness of trig, Mrs. Ellis, and the assembly this morning in which Mrs. Pascoe became an eye makeup- ringed, blonde wig wearing seal slapping it's fins together in the same way she was clapping, in my head. The assembly brought on some interesting logic however. According to Macdonald (principlee) our lives are all like movie scripts for the best movie ever written. Also according to Macdonald, you could watch a movie in under 20 minutes, because the general rule is 8 minutes of interesting stuff, half an hour of feathers (you know, parts of the film which just fluff it up as opposed to actually adding anything to the storyline) followed by 2 minutes of interesting stuff, followed by half an hour of feathers, followed by 2 minutes of interesting stuff, and it finishes. So, what he's saying is. We can go to a lesson, listen for 8 minutes and have a half hour break. Right?

Anyway, that was my day. Highlights-.....probably NOT sitting on my arse all day, and the epic Wombat moment, that was pretty happy. XD


 ~ The fruit of my labour.


Gabs x


  1. Percy is actually amazing <3

    I had a little chuckle to myself when you text me the pic of him XD

  2. AHHH!! Percy is epic! You made him look so cool. :O Bet he was more epic then any of the other animals. :P