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Monday, 14 February 2011

Getting lost in the forest....and a bit about Holly!

I'm aware I have not written a post about my boys, and I shall do that next time methinks.

Right, interesting weekend I had! On Friday went to visit the Grossparents, (grandparents....half in German if you must know) and stayed overnight, as is often my Friday routine. Nanny and I go to Waitrose after she has picked me up from Schollege, she buys me a drink and something to eat, we get the stuff we need for dinner, and then go home. I also got a vibrating toothbrush and the latest YD mag! Oh, the fun I've had with that toothbrush on cam!! ;P (does that sound bad at all eh? :P) Then we eat some SCRUMMY food, watch TV (Millionaire, QI, Would I Lie To You?, Easties and Corro,) go to bed, and in the morning I walk Hollybolly in the New Forest, and my Mum or Dad comes to take me home after that. FUNTIMESALLROUND.

So, I was happily out walking Holly on Saturday morning, on our usual route near the golf course in Lyndhurst, when we came across a lovely muddy, madbonkers one year old Retriever, Bella, and her owner, who was very nice, albeit a bit boring to spend THREE HOURS WITH!!!

Basically, she lived on my Grossparents' road. And was also going to the same place as I. So I thought, why not go with her? The dogs were enjoying each other's company! ...She wanted to go the LONGER route though, which still only takes about an hour. So I thought....ok, but I never go that way so I shall have to rely on this lady to know the way. Anyway, she made a wrong turning at one point, but decided she'd keep going because she was SURE we were right by the golf course, and would come out on it any moment. We didn't. We kept doing this, walking a LITTLE bit further each time, expecting the golf course to JUMP OUT AT US (....it did not...) until we ended up COMPLETELY lost on some bike path...!! We found and followed a random road I had never seen before in my life for about 20 minutes in the opposite direction to the way we'd been walking... and ended up at Ashurst rail station, which is 3 and a half miles away from where we were supposed to be. We then came off the roads and went onto the heathland, so the dogs could walk off lead while we found our way back by following the road. BAD idea. I. Got. SO. Muddy. And pulled a muscle because the mud was evil and wanted to eat me, and sucked me into it's murky squidgy depths (well, sucked my entire leg in anyway.) My shoes were nearly ruined. Luckily they are sturdy DMs and don't take s**t from ANYONE, let alone some smelly old mud!

Anyway, we finally made it back after three hours, and luckily I was not yelled at or anything, parents were simply happy to have me back. Lol. More fool them >D

So a bit about Holly.

Holly is a Border Collie, very similar breed to my Australian Shepherds, can be similar in looks too, especially the blue merles and black tris. She is very intelligent, and follows commands really well too, bless her. She has BOUNDLESS energy, and runs like the wind blows, I am not kidding! She and I have a special bond ^_^ she will always follow me over my Nanny, listen to me over Nanny, etc. And she is definitely my little shadow, will not let me out of her sight very readily!

She is afraid of most fast moving things, especially cars and bikes. Tries to chase and nip them unfortunately, as the herding instincts kick in to help her deal with her fear. She also barks at New Forest ponies fairly often, the little bugger. Again, it's the instinct to herd the ponies.....but combined with my Nanny's ignorance when it comes to understanding how one trains a dog..... *rolls eyes.* I also reckon she isn't too confident around ponies either, due to their size.

When I took her out this Saturday though, she sat nicely while I took photos of one pony, went up to bark afterwards but a firm NO from me had her running away from the pony and leaving it alone again. Then a bit later, got her to sit and stay at a great distance from the ponies, and walked up to them to take more pictures. Looked back about five minutes later, and she was still there where I had put her, just watching the ponies. I was rather pleased with her for that, and she got a good cuddle!

She's very crafty, naughty, high spirited and friendly (although a bad experience when she was younger causes her to be very fearful of men now SIGH) and is definitely my best friend in doggy form x]

Charlotte, I don't mean that she is you with fur! XD

Here's a couple pictures of the little rascal!

 My pony friend who was very good for posing nicely for a photo :p
Where I walk. I wasn't lost at this point!!
Or this point, this is pretty much just outside where my Nanny lives! Lucky so and so. I get a lovely view of concrete pavements, chavs, and opened condom packets (only when I've forgotten to throw them away *rolls eyes*) when I look out MY window.



  1. HAHAH. You got lost. :P Haha. <3 Also, the toothbrush. Sounds bad on the cam. ¬_¬... So yeah.

    Holly <3! I really wanna see her again! She's so cute!

    Oh and, I love the photos. (: They are all so gorgeous!

  2. She IS me with fur! XD

    I love that dog, she's so sweet.