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Monday, 31 January 2011


Why is it that my life at the moment seems to consist of homework, msn, facebook and food? That is a very sad person's life, surely? I'm trying to go outside more, go on more walks with the dogs etc. but I can't seem to motivate myself to do so. To be fair, I did go on a walk this morning, it was fun so I think I can get myself back into a more healthy routine. I hope, anyway. We met up with a lovely dog walkeress and her doggies, labmeister Wispa and podencoator Ditto. (Who has normal labs and podencos these days?) The four doggums got on superbly, Wispa gets grumpy but Monts and Woods listen to him and leave him alone after a single grumbly. A little Border Terrier attempted to mount Wispa, who isn't even that big, but the epicness of the fail was rather funny. Particularly because Wispa then went 'grrrrrrr' and the little terrier ran off, tail between his legs. Heh.

I just got the most massive splinter in the world!! Our floorboard downstairs is wrecked because of the dogs, and years of rollerblading and skateboarding down it. It needs a good polishing....or whatever. Will just have to get builder Dave down on the job. :D

Was off ill today from scholage, and was absolutely BORED OUT OF MY MIND. What can you do when no one (apart from dad....but he doesn't count) is home, and no one is on msn? I'll tell you what-go on youtube and watch the most traumatic, and mentally damaging videos ever. You can be kept busy for hours, watching the same video over and over, trying to work out WTF you just watched! I saw this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k_dgvab65I&feature=related today. And. After watching it about 20 times am really not sure whether I want to laugh or cry...or both. I mean. WTF. :|

I know this is sad, but I am hoping to go to the zoo to see friends I haven't seen in 7 months soonish, and I am FRIGGIN excited! I mean, good friends + animals + toy shop = PURE WIN. If my bestie moo can go, it will be X a million for awesomeness. And if they all get on, X ten billion. XD I'm sure they will, they're all nuts! :P Kinda concerned said bestie moo may worry I'll leave her out for my other friends, but I know that will not happen as she is my no.1 and is attached to me like the ring on my finger.....yesh......kinda managed to get a ring stuck on my finger. XD Tis not a pain though, tis from IOW time with said bestie and so shall remain there forever, or at least until my fingers and I along with them get uber fat and chubby and I have to have it surgically removed.

Will be ultra nice to see my pallies from college again though, missed them so much and the strange/good times we have had :P LITERALLY cannot wait. XD

Ramble ramble ramble. I'm hungry but I feel ill. DILEMMA.


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LOVE YOU ALL......yes, even you!

Gabs x


  1. YES DO MORE DOG WALKING!!! It's fun, and entertaining.. And did I say fun already? I'm not sure.. XD

    I think, with that video, you should laugh WHILST you cry. :O! It's just, THAT shocking.

    Also, ZOO!!! I LOVE THE ZOO!! I hate a certain zoo though, *Cough* Whipsnade *Cough* because the enclosures are crap. ¬_¬ And I mean, who puts prey animals right next to predator animals so they can be happy and react on natural behaviours! Its not exactly fair being able to see and smell them but not hunt them. ¬_¬ Meanies.. But in general, the brilliant zoos are epic. (:

    Also. You love me?! :O !! Omg I feel so loved!! But unfortunately. I'm afraid. That I love you most. The mostest of most. And nothing can beat the husbands love. ;D So. Sorry about that. (:

  2. Zoooo!!! I really hope I can go XD
    Do you have a date set yet?