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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Intro to me

So, whether you like it or not, I'm going to force feed you a little bit of an introduction to me. Think of it like those times you were FORCED to swallow the broccoli, or gag on the brussel sprouts! In general I'm extremely shy, but at the same time loud? I am the laziest thing any discoverer man ever discoverered, and I am the QUEEN (or one of many I suppose) of sexual innuendoes, so beware! You have been warned.

I can have quite a short temper, but usually that's well controlled, so SHUT THE F*CK UP, OK? I shall try my utmost NOT to come on here and RANT away like a little angry ranty thingy, but you just never know what kinds of twittish things people will do to you nowadays, do you?

Passion number one in life is dogs. I wouldn't be without a dog now. I have two Aussies (Australian Shepherds,) Monty and Woody, who are my boys....my life basically! They are very much a duo, and gang up to perform naughties, but gotta love them for it. They'd never do anything deliberately to hurt anyone. Monty is VERY VERY stupid. I am not kidding. The lights are on....but no one is home, and no one has been home since the err....arrival of his manhood!! That's a LONG holiday! Woody is more intelligent, and that intelligence has survived through the arrival of his own manhood, which I am very glad about. Monty is....well, he's Monty, everyone has accepted he is just too stupid. But we didn't need another one of those :P

Passion number two is photography. I just LURVE to whip out the ol' DSLR in my family's face and take a few snaps of them....I dunno, looking constipated or demented. Mostly I photograph nature or the dogs. But the odd portrait too, when the occasion calls for such photos. I'm the designated photographer in the family, so I'm always in charge of taking all the photos on holidays, nights out, etc. But I love it so much, I don't mind. Plus, who wants to see my ugly mug in the holiday album anyway? Want to show my grandchildren one day WITHOUT giving them nightmares! I do love and appreciate GOOD photography. I.e. to me, if I'm taking a picture now, I want to do it properly. I enjoy it a lot and using all the different settings and adjusting all the controls on the camera to see what results I get has become a bit of a hobby even when I'm not taking pictures! (NERD ALERT, NERD ALERT) ....er-hem.....did you hear something?

Music wise, my taste is incredibly varied. I like Linkin Park, Radiohead, Paloma Faith, Eliza Doolittle, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Does it Offend You, Yeah?, Florence & the Machine, The Morning Benders.....I could go on and on but do you get my point?

Not really much else to say I don't think.... I go to school (in the sixth form, I am 18!) and study German, Maths, Psychology and Biology at A level, and am doing a Photography GCSE. I love ALL my subjects, I actually wouldn't change any of them. I want to do Zoology at uni, so the subjects are all sort of based around that (Biology for....well, Biology is a requirement! Maths as a second science, German because it helps being able to speak another language if you take Zoology, especially German, and Psychology because of the behavioural/psychological side of Zoology.) I went to a different college last year. But due to difficulties with one particular teacher, which kind of messed up my whole experience there and made me unhappy there, I left and returned to my old school. So I am now in the year below what I should be, but I'm very VERY happy that happened, as I made some fantastic friends at the other college......Although I feel my (nonextistent....let's be honest) pride has taken a knock at being in the year below! V_V

Ultimately, my goals in life are to become a dog behaviourist, or a wildlife photographer, and to make people happy. I make a lot of jokes at my expense, because I am a freak of nature. Lol...and in the hope that if people can't laugh with me at least they can have a good ol' giggle AT me. :P

Anyway, I hope you feel thoroughly tortured and sanity-ravaged now...and I am off to find something to put in my mouth.

...That is something to eat. Love you all!

...Oh, here, have a picture

Am I crazy? Honest opinions please!


  1. Oh aunty Gaby, you ARE a loon...

  2. Removed your comment Charlotte because I changed the tickbox thingies so your comment looked really strange XD